Une peinture contemporaine, accessible, abstraite, ardente, innovante


During my search for a pictorial mode of expression, I completed my first works with watercolour in Belgium (1991-1993) before continuing with painting in Switzerland (1993-1997). My achievements are further based on the experience gained at the School of Contemporary art of Luxembourg(1997-2000) and my continuous search for new material, ideas and expression which I also collected at the Europäische Kunstakademia in Trier (since 2001) and with my fellow artist friends in East, West and Southern Africa (since 2000).

The multiplicity of possible combinations and harmonies between space, light, buoyancy and depth has always truly fascinated me. These combinations are represented in my paintings by a steady oscillation between control and overflow based on my initial instincts. In my paintings, I eventually reach the essence of my subjects by reducing forms to their core elements and key harmonies between them.

My paintings, while falling under a resolutely contemporary style, attract the eye and are easily accessible. They are based on a familiar element - a bit of daily life - that stops the viewer in their step and entices them to look deeper into these abstract extents of light to discover a vast universe to be prospected.

I express what I feel. For me, each painting has its own life, its own difficulties, which one has to accept and overcome.

In Abuja, I was presented with a new kind of technical problem: a lack of space and insufficient air to paint. It allowed me to begin a new journey, actually a new kind of journey. In my earlier work, I attempted to evoke impalpable matter and feelings escaping reality through abstract works. I now seek to express these encounters using the abundance of colours, the chaos of markets, people’s way of life: the difficulties but also the richness, through my paintings and drawings.